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The Voice of the Earth - Mehmet Körükcü

Mehmet Körükcü works pottery, which has been his father's profession for more than forty-five years, in the famous village of Avanos, Cappadocia known for its art of pottery for millennia.


Mehmet Körükcü continues to use purely traditional techniques. As did his ancestors. He and his son collect themselves with their own means the red clay intended to make pottery on the banks of the longest river in Turkey called "Kızılırmak" reddish river.

Use an old polishing technique with only a specific piece of iron that rubs it on the products it creates giving them a varnish effect.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The craftsman, using traditional techniques, continues to cook over a wood fire and uses an ancestral polishing technique; used by the craftsmen of the ancient Urartu civilization.


His 100% artisanal and hand-made works are only produced with completely natural materials with no chemicals.

Craftsman Mehmet Körükcü also designs and manufactures terracotta musical instruments from Cappadocia red clay with the partnership of famous percussion artist Mehmet Emin Bolat.


Terracotta musical instruments which are darboukas, udus and ghatams, arouse great interest both in Turkey and abroad.


Documentaries were made on his life and the works he produced.

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