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This entirely handmade work reflects the creativity of its artist. The "series of horses" is inspired by representations of horses drawn on the walls of caves from the Stone Age; inspired in particular by drawings of horses in the wall paintings of the famous Lascaux cave in southwestern France. The motifs of the statuette are specific to the work in question.


The statuette was made of white clay; Fired at 900 degrees Celsius, then hand painted and enameled the statuette was annealed again at 1000-1100 degrees Celsius.

Handmade Ceramic Horse Statuette No: 59

SKU: 3059
    • White clay
    • % 100 natural
    • % 100 handmade
    • Craft Piece
    • Unique piece


    • Height: 7,87 inch
    • Length: 8,66 inch

Contracted Cargo

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