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This atypical female figurine, associated with both agriculture and fertility, symbolizes the Anatolian mother goddess.

The mother goddesses associated with fertility are distinguished in many ancient civilizations and cultures. The representation of women is said to have held an important place in several ancient cultures and to have been represented in a sacred form.

Among these the Goddess "Kybele" from Anatolia in Turkey, the Goddess Rhea associated with ancient Greece, then the Goddess Isis associated with ancient Egypt can be shown as the main examples.

The figurine is signed by its craftsman. This decorative object entirely handmade with red clay from Cappadocia has been polished with a piece of iron; a polishing technique used by craftsmen of the Urartu civilization (11,000-9,000) to make clay harder and shinier before the use of glaze was discovered, then it was fired in a oven at (1000 °).

Woman Mother Goddess Terracotta

SKU: 2002
₺350.00 Regular Price
₺295.00Sale Price
    • Cappadocia red clay
    • 100% natural
    • 100% handmade
    • Craft Piece


    Height: 5,51 inch
    Width: 4,72 inch

  • Postage will sent in a high quality protection box, including tracking and insurance. Send via Turkish International Postal Service.

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