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This incense burner was made of red clay from Cappadocia, then polished with a piece of iron; a polishing technique used by craftsmen of the Urartu civilization (11,000-9,000) and cooked over a wood fire.

Terracotta Perfume Burner

SKU: 2004
    • Natural red clay from Cappadocia
    • 100% natural
    • 100% handmade
    • Craft Piece
    • The surface of the pot was polished with iron (a technique used in antiquity to make pottery harder and shinier before the use of glaze was discovered)


    Height: 4,72 inch

    Diameter: 3,93 inch

  • Postage will sent in a high quality protection box, including tracking and insurance. Send via Turkish International Postal Service.

Contracted Cargo

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