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Distance Sales Agreement

1. Information about the SELLER:


Title: (hereinafter referred to as SELLER) Kapadoki


Address: Bahcelievler Mahallesi 622 Sokak No: 8 / A

Avanos - Nevsehir - Turkey


Email address:


Website Address:


2. BUYER information:


Last name / First name / Title: (hereinafter referred to as PURCHASER)






E-mail address: (BUYER's e-mail ADDRESS)


3. Purpose of the agreement:


This contract covers purchases made on the Internet between the SELLER and the Customer (BUYER) and both parties are deemed to have accepted the terms of this contract. The BUYER agrees to have information on the basic characteristics of the goods submitted for sale, the sale price, the method of payment, delivery terms, etc., all preliminary information on the goods submitted for sale and the right of withdrawal, confirms these preliminary information electronically, then orders the goods, in accordance with the provisions of this contract and declares.


4. Receipt of the order:


The customer will place all his orders via the Internet site at the address indicated above. Even if the SELLER is contacted by telephone or by any other means of communication for any reason whatsoever, it is essential to finalize the order on the Internet. The information entered during the order will be recorded by the SELLER and will constitute the activities of the sale.


5. Contract date: # DATE #


6. Delivery of goods, place of performance and method of delivery of the contract:


The goods will be delivered to the address at which the PURCHASER requested by the delivery company chosen by the SELLER. The shipment of the products will be handled by well-known logistics companies in the Republic of Turkey. When the products are delivered to the PURCHASER upon delivery, the PURCHASER is required to check the products delivered to him and to sign the sales invoice or the delivery note or the product service form. When the mentioned documents are signed by the PURCHASER, the PURCHASER acknowledges having received the products forming part of the order in their entirety.


7. Delivery and execution costs:


Shipping costs are included in the price. The the elivery is performed as soon as possible after the transfer of the cost of the goods on the account of the SELLER. The SELLER must ensure that the product is delivered to the PURCHASER within 30 days, which is the legal deadline. Within this period, he reserves the right to extend the additional 10 (ten) days by written notification. The SELLER will ship the goods with the freight companies they work with. If delivery is requested by the PURCHASER to be sent by another freight company, then shipping charges will be paid by the PURCHASER. If the customer has a request in this direction, he must address this request to the SELLER in writing.

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8. Payment transactions:

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When the customer completes his order online, he will be offered payment options of his choice. The client will choose the one that suits him best from these options and continue trading in that way. Payments for orders, not having been made within 24 hours of placing the order, will be canceled and in this term the SELLER will not be responsible for the obligation of delivery. Customers sending payment by wire transfer or EFT should complete the “Remittance Notification Form” and forward it to the SELLER. The SELLER is authorized to change, increase, decrease or remove payment options in the future. The SELLER is required to protect the information provided by the Customer for payment purposes.


9. SELLER's declarations and commitments:


The SELLER is responsible for the delivery of the contract goods in a sound, complete condition, in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order. If the contract item is to be delivered to another person or organization other than the PURCHASER, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person or organization to be delivered does not accept delivery.

For justifiable reasons, the SELLER may provide the product which is in the representation visual having the same quality, property and price, to the PURCHASER before the expiration of the execution period in the contract for the handmade products. .

If the SELLER cannot fulfill the contractual obligations by asserting that the execution of the goods or services which are the subject of the order has become impossible, the SELLER shall inform the consumer thereof before the expiration of the contractual obligation of execution. He returns the price paid and all the indebted documents to the consumer within 10 days.


10. Characteristics of the goods / services subject to the contract:




Cash sales amount: # # PRİX_AU_COMPTANT


Payment method: # # PAYMENT_SET


Amount of sales



11. Payment plan:


If the PURCHASER purchases with a bank card and in several installments, the payment method chosen on the site is valid. In staggered transactions, the relevant provisions of the contract signed between the PURCHASER and the cardholder's bank are valid. The date of payment by credit card is determined by the terms of the contract between the bank and the PURCHASER. The BUYER can also track the number of installments and payments from the bank statement sent by the bank.


12. Right of withdrawal:


The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the contract by refusing the goods without any legal or criminal liability and without any justification within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the contractual product to him or to the person or to the organization at the address indicated. However, in this case, there should be no situation that would prevent the sale of the returned product in any way (not destroyed, unused box and not deformed, etc.) The delivery price of the returned product due to the right of withdrawal is covered by the SELLER. The SELLER returns the valuable documents, if any, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal, and receives the return of the goods within 30 (thirty) days.


13. In order to cancel your order, you must inform us the same day by sending us an email on


14. Goods / services for which the right of withdrawal cannot be used:


Goods which cannot be returned due to their nature are goods which are produced in accordance with the PURCHASER's special requests and requests or which are personalized by making changes or additions and which cannot be returned due to their nature.


15. Delays and their legal consequences:


In the event of default by the PURCHASER in transactions made by bank card, the card holder will pay interest and will be liable to the bank under the bank card contract concluded with the bank.


16. Competent court:


In disputes that may arise from this contract, consumer arbitration committees and consumer courts in the regulations of the BUYER and SELLER, and civil courts of first instance are permitted in places where it is not. there is no consumer court.


17. Implementation of the Agreement:


If one party does not accept the terms of the contract, this does not eliminate the liability of the other party, it contains provisions binding on both parties.


18. Beginning of the contract:


This contract begins with the customer who completes his order on the SELLER site. The non-completion of the payment transaction by the customer does not eliminate the contractual provisions.


19. SELLER's approval to contact the PURCHASER by electronic bulletin, e-mail, telephone, sms, as well as the order contract.


After approval of the order contract by the PURCHASER. The latter accepts that the SELLER will inform THE BUYER of all campaigns, discount opportunities, questionnaires and information and products via electronic newsletters, e-mail, telephone and SMS to determine customer satisfaction.


20. The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes to have read the terms of the contract at the same time as the order contract and that he is informed thereof and that he has given the necessary confirmation electronically.

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21. Customs and import taxes:


Any customs and import taxes are the responsibility of the buyers. We are not responsible for delays caused by the customs.

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